Southeast Christian Church

David E. Miller Architect, Orange CA
Construction Manager:
Clark Esser

One of the 6 largest churches in the country. We supplied Finish Hardware for this $77 million project.

William T. Young Library

Kallmann McKinneli & Wood
Construction Manager:
Lehrer McGovern Bovis

We supplied Hardware, Hollow Metal, and Wood Doors on this $55 million project.

Cumberland Gap Tunnel

Parsons, Brinekerhoff,
Quade and Douglas
Construction Manager:
Archer Western Contractors, Inc.

We supplied over $250k worth of various metal doors, stainless steel doors, security doors, frames and hardware inside the tunnel.

KFC YUM Center

M.A. Mortenson
Construction Manager:
HOK Sport

We pre-hardwared, pre-painted the metal doors, did the field installation, electronic hardware, etc…for all hollow metal and wood door openings.

Joe Craft Center

Messer Construction
Sherman Carter Barnhart

We supplied Finish Hardware for this $30 million state-of-the-art basketball practice facility which houses the UK men’s and women’s basketball teams, plus many administrative and athletics staff offices.

Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium

Luckett & Farley
Construction Manager:
Huber Hunt & Nichols

We supplied hardware, hollow metal and wood doors on this 42,000 seat, $58 million project.