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A brief history of our company.

1929, the year Wall Street crashed, ushering in the beginning of the great depression. An odd time to start a business, but in Louisville, Kentucky a man named Alfred Lewis Schiller decided it was a good time to open a hardware store.

From its humble beginnings as a mom and pop shop, selling hammers, nails, nuts and bolts, Al Schiller adjusted as time passed, finding new and better ways of servicing the needs of his growing cutomer base.

After World War II, there was a home building boom in in the suburbs. For Schiller, this boom created the need to service Residential Home Builders. From there Schiller climbed the path that led to servicing the needs of Louisvilles General Construction industry. As the years went buy, Schiller took on new product lines and learned the best way to partner with General Contractors on the largest construction projects in the region.

Roll forward to the 21st century. Today Schiller has grown to more than 100 employees in 5 locations, supplying construction projects in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee.

Schiller is one of the nations largest suppliers of commercial doors, frames and hardware, as well as building specialties. Weve supplied so many of the regions largest and most famous construction projects that we cant begin to list them all here. Schiller, too, has many years of experience in performing on site installation of most products that we sell.

We at Schiller are constantly challenged to find a better way of doing things, to find the better path to getting the job done right.

serving our community for over 85 years.


8 & 10

Everything starts with a plan.  Our team works with you to identify each entryway's configuration needs and any special considerations.  Eliminate the headache of retrofit, save time and costs by doing it right from the start.


27 & 28

Schiller provides Kentucky and the surrounding markets with access control systems and integrated solutions. Schiller can specify, design, install and service an enterprise access control solution for your firm.



Job site assembly is eliminated.  Say good bye to scratched finishes, lost hardware and the overused drywall screw.  Our doors come labeled, sorted by location and secured on pallets to allow quick and accurate installation on your schedule.



The job isn't done once construction is completed.  Your entryways and control systems require regular maintenance and on-call support.  Our technicians keep you running with a scheduled maintenance plan and only one number to call.

The Name You Trust

Our reputation has come from our 85 year legacy of customer service and commitment to build relationships with all our customers.  We offer a wide variety of services for your commercial construction needs.  Let’s talk and see how we can help.