The Right Hardware is Key

Using the right hardware for your construction is critical. Code requirements and functionality create a performance specification for each piece of hardware. We can match the right product from the right manufacturer to ensure performance.

Our years of experience as a commercial door and hardware business have allowed us to develop relationships with a wide array of manufacturers. Therefore, we can provide a large number of products to fit your needs. Additionally, our vendors keep us aware of upcoming products so that we are always able to offer you the best solutions.

Our showrooms display a sampling of the wide variety of products we carry. From hinges and knobs to dispensers and ADA compliant bars, we have the equipment for your division 8 and 10 needs. Our access control division also shows our cutting-edge solutions for your division 23 requirements. Stop in today and see what we mean.


8 & 10

Everything starts with a plan.  Our team works with you to identify each entryway's configuration needs and any special considerations.  Eliminate the headache of retrofit, save time and costs by doing it right from the start.


27 & 28

Schiller provides Kentucky and the surrounding markets with access control systems and integrated solutions. Schiller can specify, design, install and service an enterprise access control solution for your firm.



Job site assembly is eliminated.  Say good bye to scratched finishes, lost hardware and the overused drywall screw.  Our doors come labeled, sorted by location and secured on pallets to allow quick and accurate installation on your schedule.



The job isn't done once construction is completed.  Your entryways and control systems require regular maintenance and on-call support.  Our technicians keep you running with a scheduled maintenance plan and only one number to call.

We can help

We are more than just doorknob salesmen.  We carry a large array of products to cover your division 8, 10 and 23 needs.  Contact us and let’s talk about the products that would best serve you.